Convert Curiosity Into Connections

About Deckstr

We believe networking should be easy. It should be as simple as ordering an espresso from your favorite café. Deckstr gives you a virtual business card platform that instantly connects you to people right next to you. Think about it: While you’re waiting for your milk to froth in your espresso, you can be using Deckstr’s locater to meet a potential business partner, investor or other creative mind—looking for someone just like you! It’s the new way to connect and chat within minutes. Don’t miss out on your perfect match or moment. Aren’t you curious?

This is for our coffee lovers and professional networkers...the people looking to get further in their careers, to land an awesome job, get a promotion or break into a new industry. We know how hard it can be for you to gain access to new spaces. We’re here to open the door, so that all you have to do is walk in.

Everyday you walk past people on your way to work, in the subway, on the street, or get caught in an elevator with people you don’t know. Rather than thinking of them as strangers, think of these people as opportunities. They could be your next best friend, your next partner, or collaborator for the project you’ve been thinking about for way too long. At Deckstr, we’ll help you to make that move.


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